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Cleaning Area

  • Whole Flat:
    Floor vacuuming and mopping, Ceiling and wall sweeping, Doors, Windows, Gates, Air conditioners (outer surfaces and dust filters only)
  • Kitchen:
    Tile surfaces, Sinks, Exhaust fans, Range hoods, Cooking stoves, Cabinets, Washing machine (surfaces only), Refrigerator
  • Toilet:
    Toilet bowls, Bath Screens, Bathtubs, Sinks, Mirror cabinets, Exhaust fans
  • Other furniture (e.g. Beds, Wardrobes, Wall-in cabinets, Tables and chairs), Light troughs, False ceilings, Floor platforms will charge additional cleaning fee.
  • Only moderate amount of paint stains and cement stains are included to be cleaned; A large amount of stains (including paint stains, cement stains, adhesive tape stains, etc) will charge additional cleaning fee.

    Including supply of basic cleaners and cleaning equipment

  • CIF, Bleach, “Green water”, Turpentine, etc.
  • Vacuum cleaners, Buckets, Towles, Small brushes, Scrub Sponges, etc.
  • * The cleaning staff are not responsible for specific cleansers. They should be provided by customers if needed.

Our advantages compared to other cleaning companies

Homeasy Other companies
Provides 2-3 professional cleaning staff with many years of experience Only provide general domestic helpers
The fee is calculated based on the unit area and the number of furniture needed to be cleaned. The fee is calculated based on the number of service hours. Helpers' work efficiency will directly affect the cleaning results. Clients may need to pay for extra hours, or the helpers may leave without completing the cleaning.
Before leaving the unit, cleaning staff will ask the clients for acceptance of the cleaning results, and the office staff will also call the clients to confirm whether they are satisfied with the cleaning. No follow-up service is provided.
Cleaning staff will bring their own cleaning supplies and vacuum cleaners. Mostly will not provide vacuum cleaners.
Professionally remove stains, including paint stains and cement stains Cleaning does not include stain removal.
No additional charge on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays May charge additional fee on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

Service charge

Saleable Area Service Charge
250 square feet or below $1,380
Over 250 square feet Additional Charge at HK$2 per square feet
^ If other furniture (e.g. beds, wardrobes, wall-in cabinets, tables and chairs), light troughs, false ceilings, floor platforms need to be cleaned, please specify when booking the service. Additional fee will be charged at $80- $150 per piece.
  • No additional charge on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Please make appointment early.
  • Charges include the salary of helpers and the service fee of our company.
  • The above fee is only applicable for areas along the railway. Additional traffic fee will be charged for suburb areas (such as Discovery Bay).
  • A surcharge of $100/floor will be charged for apartments without elevators.
  • Deposit (HK$500 or above) should be paid before a specified date.

Service Example

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