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Job Reference: Residence/Commercial Buildings & Corporate Clients
IAQ Improvement Service (Removal of VOC/Formaldehyde)

CT Catalyst is introduced from Japan. It is an environmental-friendly nano-material, which can manage air pollution problems. It is able to control VOCs from the source of origins (control the concentration and the emission of VOCs from the furnished material), undergo deodorization/ air purification (decompose VOCs in the atmosphere), act as anti-bacterial coating (affect the charge balance inside bacterial cells through charge transfer, making the environment impossible for bacteria, e.g. Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli to grow), and resist from mold (its property of water repellency is super hydrophobic).

Meanwhile, no secondary pollution will be produces. In addition, it is certified to be safe, non-toxic and not irritant, which is perfectly suitable for residential units.

“Natural Clean” is a natural plant-derived deodorant antibacterial solution, which has been developed using the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, combined with the study of ancient medical books.
Its ingredients are mainly Gleditsia sinensis, Sophora flavescens, aloe vera, peel of fresh Fortunella japonica, etc. It is effective for the elimination of odor gases (e.g. benzene, TVOC, ammonia, formaldehyde, etc) and sterilization; no chemical ingredients, safe and odorless.

We will combine the above two products for our IAQ Improvement Service. The two products play their own advantages and expertise at the same time will result in a better and faster removal of VOC/Formaldehyde!
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