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  Number of People
Time (Hours) Charge
  2 4 $1,170
  Overtime Charge $290 per hour $290
Date Lunar Month Charges **Overtime Charge (/Hr)
1 / 2 helper(s)
1 Helper
3 Hrs
*Existing Customers
1 Helper
3 Hrs
Less $15
1 Helper
4 Hrs
*Existing Customers
1 Helper
4 Hrs
Less $20
2 Helpers
4 Hrs
*Existing Customers
2 Helper
4 Hrs
Less $40
3rd–10th Dec $600 $585 $760 $740 $1,520 $1,480 $200 / $380
02/01/23-10/01/23 11st–19th Dec $615 $600 $780 $760 $1,560 $1,520 $205 / $390
11/01/23-20/01/23 20th–29th Dec $630 $615 $800 $780 $1,600 $1,560 $210 / $400
28/01/23-31/01/23 7th–10th Jan $600 $585 $760 $740 $1,520 $1,480 $200 / $380
* Existing customers refer to those complete registration on or before 20th December, 2022.
** It is not allowed to change the number of helpers during the overtime work.

* Charges include basic transportation fees; however, an additional round-trip fare is required for remote areas (e.g. non-MTR areas).
* After service confirmation, HK$300 deposit should be paid before a specified date. No refunds are allowed.
* Customers need to purchase labor insurance for helpers. If customers have already purchased domestic helper labor insurance, please send a copy of the policy to our company for confirmation.
* Charges include the salary of helpers and the service fee of our company.

Service Charge for Mid-levels/Specific Remote Areas:
1-hour transportation time is counted in the service hours for this district. Customers need to pay an additional 1-hour service charge ($240).

Job Duties
1.Job duties includes dust removal, windows cleaning, kitchen cleaning, gas hob/refrigerator
   cleaning, bathroom cleaning, hovering and mopping.
Window Cleaning
i. Cleaning indoor windows and frames of windows
ii. For the windows not fitted with grille, helpers will only clean the indoor part but not the outdoor part. For the windows fitted with grille and the grille is locked or secured in a manner that prevents it from being opened, helpers will clean the outdoor part; while cleaning, no part of helpers’ body should extend beyond the window ledge excepts the arms.
Kitchen Cleaning
i. Surface of a kitchen range hood (exhaust fans and range hoods will not be taken apart unless they are removable or removed by customers.)
ii. Removing oil stain from wall tiles and gas hobs
Refrigerator cleaning
Bathroom Cleaning
i. Cleaning toilets, bathtubs and wash basins
ii. Removing stains from tiles
i. Dado/quarter-round
ii. Furniture
iii. Filters for air-conditioners
2.The duties mentioned above will be carried out as scheduled; at the same time, the duties not mentioned can be rejected.
   For complex/dangerous work, such as cleaning of windows, appropriate tools should be provided by customers, inclusive of long-handled sticks and stable ladders. Helpers have the right to reject work when potential hazards are detected or known.

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