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Job Duties
1. Working Hours: 9AM – 6PM
2. Dates and time are requested to meet customers’ requirements
The duties include:
Hoovering and mopping in indoor floors.
Window Cleaning
i. Cleaning of windows and window frames (indoor)
For the windows not fitted with grille, helpers will only clean the indoor part but not the outdoor part. For the windows fitted with grille and the grille is locked or secured in a manner that prevents it from being opened, helpers will clean the outdoor part; while cleaning, no part of helpers’ body should extend beyond the window ledge excepts the arms.
Kitchen Cleaning
i. Surface of a kitchen range hood (exhaust fans and range hoods will not be taken apart unless they are removable or removed by customers.)
ii. Cleaning of wall tiles and gas hobs
Cleaning of refrigerators
Bathroom Cleaning
i. Cleaning of toilets, bathtubs, wash basin
Other Cleaning
i. Cleaning Clothes
ii. Bedding change
iii. furniture dusting
iv. Cleaning of filters in air-conditioners
v. Household care (short-term maid service only)
vi. Babysitter (short-term maid service only)
3. The duties mentioned above will be carried out as scheduled; at the same time, the duties not mentioned can be rejected.
4. For complex/dangerous work, such as cleaning windows, appropriate tools should be provided by customers, inclusive of long-handled sticks and stable ladders. Helpers have the right to reject work when potential hazards are detected or known.
5. Exclusive presentations will be provided in advance for short-term maid services.
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