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Electromagnetic wave is same as air which cannot be seen by human eyes.
Electromagnetic wave is a form of dynamics in the electromagnetic field. The waves produced from the interaction between electric field and magnetic field is electromagnetic waves.
Electromagnetic wave is a form of energy. Same as light and heat, it can be transmitted through radiation in air or conduction. When the frequency of the electromagnetic wave is very high, it can transmit energy without any medium, producing radiation.
Every object that can emit energy will emit electromagnetic waves. Therefore, there are a lot of electromagnetic waves in our daily life. Especially in the highly developed Hong Kong where there is a great demand of information flow, electromagnetic wave is everywhere.

Sources of high-frequency electromagnetic wave: e.g. cell phone base station, wireless network, radio, TV broadcast, mobile, radar, microwave oven, etc.

The transmission power of electromagnetic wave is about thousands to ten thousands uW/m2, which is much higher than the 5 uW/m2 suggested by Building Biology in Germany. (Please refer to the “International Safety Standards for Electromagnetic Waves” for more details.)

Sources of low-frequency magnetic field: e.g. the magnetic fields produced by electricity, electric wires, electrical appliances, transformers, switchboards, motors, etc
The transmission power of the electromagnetic waves is about tens to hundreds mG, which is much higher than the 1mG suggested by German Building Biology. (Please refer to the “International Safety Standards for Electromagnetic Waves” for more details.)

Sources of low-frequency electric field: e.g. alternating current (AC), electric wires, electrical appliances, etc (Building Biology in Germany suggests the safety standard should be below 5V/m. Please refer to the “International Safety Standards for Electromagnetic Waves” for more details.)
According to the advice of Building Biology (2015) in Germany, the effects of electromagnetic wave on indoor environments such as sleeping environments, living spaces and work environments are as follows:
Frequency/ Intensity
of interference
Severe Anomaly Extreme Anomaly
High-frequency electromagnetic wave < 0.1 uW/ ㎡ 0.1-10 uW/ ㎡ 10-1000 uW/ ㎡ >1000 uW/ ㎡
electric field
< 1 V/m 1-5 V/m 5-50 V/m > 50 V/m
magnetic field
< 0.2 mG 0.2-1 mG 1-5 mG > 5 mG
* Slight Anomaly: Most people will not be affected.
* Severe Anomaly: Sleeping quality will be strongly interfered.
* Extreme Anomaly: In addition to insomnia, long term effects include harming central nervous system, immune system, cardiovascular system, circulatory system, visual system and even causing cancer.

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