Have you and your family members ever felt tired, dizzy, uncomfortable or anxious at home? All these symptoms may be caused by electromagnetic waves which are invisible to bare eyes. You and your family members may even suffer from “Electromagnetic Wave Hypersensitivity Syndrome”. Besides these less serious symptoms, electromagnetic waves will adversely affect different body systems such as eyes, ears, central nervous system, cardiovascular system and reproductive system.

The main outdoor sources of electromagnetic waves are base stations, satellite stations, broadcast aerials, electric poles and electric towers etc, which are common large-scale equipment near to residential areas. Therefore, electromagnetic wave is really a threat to our home.

In Japan and Taiwan, there are cases which citizens felt sick because of electromagnetic wave interference. There is a much more shocking case regarding a family who lives in Meadow Street in the United States. Meadow Street is surrounded by large-scale substations and overhead lines and the house of the family is directly opposite to a substation. Every family member has suffered from tumors or cysts.

If you are concerned with the health of your family members and want to live safely, Homeasy recommends you to select the professional electromagnetic wave assessment service and related improvement projects, in order to deal with the harm caused by electromagnetic waves.
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